Echo Lake Real Estate

Just a short drive from the village resort of B-Say-Tah lies the small community of Echo Lake. Located on the edge of the majestic Echo Valley Provincial Park, it is not surprising that people who love nature and the great outdoors are often those who are most interested in Echo Lake real estate. As well as Echo Lake and the surrounding beaches, there is the beauty of Pasqua Lake and it is often the serenity and tranquility of this region that encourages people to secure a piece of Echo Lake real estate. The small, warm and friendly population ensures compliments the natural beauty of this region and when you buy Echo Lake real estate, you will soon be bewitched by the stunning landscapes, fabulous vistas and the gentle pace of life. The relatively short drive to Regina also affords many who buy Echo Lake real estate the luxury of working in the city and retiring home to the peace of their beautiful home by the lake.