Kannata Valley Real Estate

Located around 50 miles north of the provincial capital, Regina, Kannata Valley, Saskatchewan is a very small village of around 100 residents. The surrounding areas of natural beauty, parks, local beaches and golf courses ensure that the small yet prosperous Kannata real estate market appeals to people, mainly families, who are looking for a certain lifestyle. Relaxation, security and the feeling of being in a true community whilst remaining close enough to Regina for work purposes if necessary, make Kannata Valley real estate as enticing as it is affordable. The open landscapes, fresh air and natural beauty of this region of Saskatchewan is something which seduces people. With some lovely properties and spacious family homes, the Kannata Valley real estate offers quality homes at affordable prices. All in all, Kannata Valley real estate market offers a peaceful location, great amenities, a region with all manner of recreational options and yet all within a close drive of Regina.