Silton Real Estate

If you drive north of Regina, you will chance upon Silton, a small village about 30km from the provincial capital. The residential population is largely made up of retirees which is not surprising as the safe, secure community and quiet pace of life make for a relaxing haven of serenity just a short drive from Regina. Silton real estate is popular with seniors but also with families. With the proximity of Regina, more families are looking at the Silton real estate market as a way to remain close to the city but having somewhere secure, friendly and tranquil to enjoy their free time and raise their children. Thanks to the natural beauty of the surrounding villages and regions, there are always recreational pleasures to be had when you buy Silton real estate. From parks to beaches, fishing to boating and golf too, the choices cater for all ages. Silton real estate offers all the charm of the country and so much more.